College Republicans Set Pro-Border Wall Protest at OC Democrat’s Gated Community

Rouda on MSNBC’s MTP Daily with Chuck Todd after his victory

The Republican Club at Cal State Fullerton has scheduled a Jan. 12 protest of freshman congressional Democrat Harley Rouda’s refusal to back President Donald Trump’s demand for a massive wall on the border with Mexico.

Brooke Paz, president of the club, announced the aim of the gathering is also to force Rouda, who defeated longtime Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in November, to end the current federal government shutdown.

“Rouda values party over the public,” Paz said in a press announcement.

A couple dozen club members and other Republican sympathizers will meet “rain or shine” before 10:30 a.m. outside the gates of Emerald Bay, a Pacific Coast Highway community which flanks Laguna Beach and has been home to some of the wealthiest people in the nation with mansions worth as much as $60 million or more.

Alex Loniak, president of the Republican club at Orange Coast College, stated, “Congressman Rouda protects his family with the wall around his community, yet he doesn’t believe his constituents deserve the same.”

Rohrabacher—who first ran in 1988 saying democracy needed to be protected from career politicians and then tried to stay in the coastal Orange County seat for 32 years—got clobbered by Rouda, a onetime Republican who campaigned as a moderate Democrat.

Historically two-faced, Rohrabacher sent out shameless pre-election mailers to Vietnamese American voters that pretended he’d fought in war combat when in truth he refused all military service during the conflict.

He’d also repeatedly voted against pre-condition coverage requirements on health insurance companies but aired a campaign television ad that lied about his record.

Arguably the most boneheaded member of Congress for decades, Rohrabacher championed the righteousness of the Taliban at the same time the anti-American group protected Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan as he planned the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

[UPDATE: An unruffled Rouda greeted the protestors and said he’s committed to border security funding as well as ending Trump’s government shutdown, according to an LA-based television news station. After the gathering with about 20 protestors, Paz noted the democrat opposes the president’s wall idea and called Rouda “a typical liberal politician living behind a gate with police and hired security protecting him.” She said the crowd chanted, “Build the wall” and “Stop the immaturity; we need border security.”]

Rouda meets protestors (Photo courtesy Cal State Fullerton College Republicans)

4 Replies to “College Republicans Set Pro-Border Wall Protest at OC Democrat’s Gated Community”

  1. Gated communities are silly, as they create a false sense of security and only keep out your friends and relatives. Sounds EXACTLY like Trump’s ludicrous border wall, hmm? I suppose Trumpkins can’t appreciate the irony.

    1. ..actually, YOU cannot appreciate the irony. Walls, gated communities, and privately funded security forces DO protect the residents from crime. Statistics from PDs in Rouda’s district prove that. Yet, you would have us believe that a criminal would attempt to breach that level of security versus a relatively unprotected neighborhood. Similarly, stats show that border incursions occur wherever there is no wall. (I work with the border agencies flying security patrols; we are briefed each time we fly and the stats NEVER change.)

      Nice try..and thanks for playing.

  2. What a farce. Comparing having a fence around your home or an exclusive neighborhood hardly merits the slightest comparison to the almost impossible and largely fruitless task of putting a 2000 plus mile wall at the southern border over impossible terrain. We already have over 600 miles of wall where it is feasible and appropriate.

  3. Pretty funny if you ask me. All these democrats crying about walls and guns all the while they live behind them and have their on protection that carry guns for them. But those that vote for them are too stupid to see the hypocrisy.

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