Harlequin Sativa: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: Harlequin Sativa 6%THC 11%CBD
Price: $50 1/8 $100 1/4
Dispensary: ShowGrow Santa Ana, 1625 E St. Gertrude Place Santa Ana, CA 92705. (949) 565-4769


As the demand for high content cannabidiol (CBD) strains increases, we’re starting to see more variety on the market. You can find Harlequin at ShowGrow in SanTana, which has one of the best MM selections of the legit dispensaries in town. At 75/25 Harlequin is sativa dominant and one of the most popular strains that is high in CBD. The strain is a descendant of Colombia Gold (haven’t seen that one in YEARS), a Nepali indica and Thai and Swiss sativas. Better lineage than the Windsor, son!

Relief from stress and anxiety are a couple of the main attributes of Harlequin, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. My work schedule recently changed, and it has turned my life upside down. I’m a Stage 4 colon cancer survivor who has endured 18 rounds of chemo, 28 radiation treatments, and removal of my colon, so I have a colostomy bag. But I’m ALIVE! I’m a walking miracle and very grateful that I can still work full-time as a meatcutter. Besides the bag, I have neuropathy in my feet—it’s not the pins-and-needles kind, but my feet are numb almost all the time and being on my feet all day makes them get very swollen. I survive—I don’t complain, I’m as productive as ever at work but now instead of all-day shifts, I’m working some days and some night shifts which are hard AF on my feet.

Long story short; I’m all stressed OUT!!

Harlequin has a nice pine scent: somewhat skunky, bright green with plenty of reddish hairs. I placed a small bud in my pipe and took a hit. It’s very mild, not harsh at all, so I kept taking small hits as I researched the American Disability Act. I found that it provides protection to cancer survivors, which relaxes me even more. A good buzz then comes, as I start to feel the sativa, which adds a euphoric edge. I kept taking hits to see how high I could get, but the buzz plateaued—no worries. I’m more interested in relieving my stress and anxiety nowadays, and the Harlequin Sativa is one of the best CBD-high strains out there if you need pain or stress relief. Or, if your life is perfect, it can also be used to just chill and be happy.


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