Happy Tron Tuesday!

​If you're not sick of all the Tron: Legacy news yet, here's more: On Oct. 28, you can save a spot to watch a 20 minute preview of the much awaited sequel on IMAX 3D by heading over to a special Tron Night website today at 10 a.m.

Disney announced the event as the kicker to the 10-week countdown to Tron: Legacy's Dec. 17 opening. Every week, the Walt Disney Company will have a new gimmick promoting Tron. 

If you grew up with Tron (or even just played the video games a lot), we're sure that 28 years were a long wait. But is that enough to spoil the movie with a snippet? Sure, it's never-before-seen 3D footage. And yes, it will be free. But to see it incomplete in IMAX 3D–well, that's just the nerdy version of blue balls.


Today Disney also announced that diehards can buy tickets to the movie in IMAX at Disney.com/TRON.
By the way, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, scored by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk, will drop Dec. 7. And yes, we are still holding out for a Disney-sponsored Daft Punk extravaganza.

We're willing to be it will be 10 million times better than the next-gen video game “TRON: Evolution” that will also drop on Dec. 7.

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