Happy Sexgiving! Today is a Special Holiday

“It's not like Valentine's day, it's about the spiritual and mental connection we have for each other.”- Yung Humma

Whether they're doing it earnest or trying to be funny, the Turquoise Jeep Collective (the same people who gave you “Cavities” and “Lemme Smang It“) have done it again. They've decreed Sept. 20 to be Sexgiving Day, and released their track, “Happy Sexgiving,” to celebrate this¬† “special holiday”:

[It's] a time for selflessness rather than selfishness,a time for exploration, a time for a deeper spiritual connection. Take your special one that journey, your gratification is your partners satisfaction. Fellas do not be afraid to ask her questions , because if you stimulate her mentally it intensifies the physical. Ladies do not be afraid to compliment. The more confidence he has the better it is for you…

Again, Yung Humma (who reminds us of Arrested Development's David Cross, for some reason) sings the smooth RnB track, featuring lines such as “I'm a Kama Sutra DJ.” It's awesome: watch the whole thing after the jump.
According to our sister publication, Village Voice's Sound of the City, the group came together from places far and wide–from New York to North Carolina.

Whatchyamcallit and myself  have always worked together in business;
we've been partners in crime since day one of the grind, feel me baby?
So when I came to him with the idea of Turquoise Jeep Records, it only
made sense to him that we start our own label.

We had all the means of
making it happen. Yung Humma was also a close homie as well, but it
wasn't until we formed the label and signed him as an artist that Humma
and Whatchyamacallit really became cool, so that's how that happened.

Pretty Raheem was actually between labels when I approached him. We have
always seen each other around, and I heard his work so I knew he had an
amazing voice, but we never worked together. So one day I just stepped
to him like, “Yo, you need to sign with the Jeep, plain and simple.” It
took some negotiation, but he knew it would be the best move for his

Catch them on Twitter (@turquoisejeep) and Facebook Turquoise Jeep Records.

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