Happy Lil Jon Day! (In Dekalb County, Georgia, That Is)

Rapper Lil Jon is now has his own day in the county of DeKalb, Georgia. May 24 was deemed his because of his “unyielding commitment to raise money in support of children and
families” and his “passion for advocacy and outstanding commitment to
empowering [the] community,” (according to the official doc).
The rapper born Jonathan Mortimer Smith appeared in Season 11 of The Apprentice (also known as Celebrity Apprentice 4), where he raised $80,000 for his charity of
choice, the United Methodist Children's Home (UMCH).

How'd we find out? Twitter, of course. He tweeted: “THEY NAMED TODAY “LIL JON DAY” IN DEKALB COUNTY GA! N APPRECIATION OF MY

So yeah, does this mean May 24 is officially Crunk day?

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