Happy Hour Week Coming Oct. 24-30

OC Restaurant Week concluded about a week ago, but their organizers already have another promotional week lined up called Happy Hour Week. It's not the first time they've done it, but it is, I think, the first time they've had it during the week of Halloween.

The idea for the promotion is that all of its participating restaurants will offer extended Happy Hour specials, and with some doing all day and all week Happy Hours between October 24-30.


But as of this writing it's hard to tell which restaurants are doing what. More than half of the listed participating restaurants on the Happy Hour Week website do not have any info on what times or what they will be offering that week.

As anyone who's tried to seek out Happy Hours on any normal week will tell you, information is key. Nothing is more annoying than arriving one minute late to a Happy Hour, or coming on a day it's not offered at all.

Let's hope more restaurants turn in their specials and times before the event occurs; because without it, it's not Happy Hour Week; it's just a week.

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