Happy Halloween: Long Prison Term for Molester and Two More Sick Cases

For Halloween we start with a long prison stretch for a sick cluck who could have gotten an even longer one for molesting two young girls in his household—starting 11 years apart.

Next it's a registered sex offender who copped to jerking it in front of patrons of a children's area inside a shopping mall's bookstore.

Finally, we have a registered sex offender—no, not the guy we just mentioned, another one—arrested for allegedly parading his package around in front of people packed into a popular nightspot.

Ruben Tajimaroa, 36, was recently sentenced to 40 years to life in state prison for sexually assaulting two underage female relatives in Santa Ana. Consider it a win for the 36-year-old, who faced up to 100 years to life when he waltzed into court on Oct. 21. He'd been found guilty Sept. 22 of sexually assaulting the two girls, starting when one was 6 in 2004 and the other was 8 in 2015. When Tajimaroa was arrested in September of that year, police found pornographic videos in the room he was renting. He's also shown porn to one of the girls, according to prosecutors. Tajimaroa's defense was he molested the first girl but not the second.

Bradley Meenahan, 51, pleaded guilty recently to exposing himself in the children's section of the Barnes & Noble at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach last February.  That drew a two year prison sentence Tuesday for the transient and registered sex offender. Meenahan would not stop masturbating when confronted by customers on the second floor of the bookstore around 9 p.m. on Feb. 23 and only left when a store manager approached him.

Tony Harris, 37, and also a registered sex offender, was arrested recently for suspected indecent exposure at The Triangle in Costa Mesa. He got drunk at the restaurant and entertainment complex the night of Oct. 22, tried to fight people, slid his pants down and walked around flashing his junk, according to police, who also popped Harris for an alleged parole violation.

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