Happy Halloween from a Preggers Octomom

Just in time for Halloween, a demon has knocked up Octomom Nadya Suleman.

No, that's not a reference to her Halloween costume pictured here from last year.

It's the story thread for a movie titled Millennium.

No, Millennium is not a documentary about what devilish IVF physician Dr. Michael Kamrava of Beverly Hills did to the single mother of 14 from La Habra.

Directed by Kevin Clark and Manzie Jones, Millennium is a slasher/possession flick, the kind of low-budget movie that could use Suleman's “star power” to get the word out before it makes its inevitable trek straight to the DVD bin.

For Suleman, who has boxed strippers, sold her panties and entertained nosy reporters for cash, Millennium marks her first film acting role, as opposed to the life acting role we've all seen. Hopefully her brood will be well practiced at living down the shame by the time they are old enough to watch the steaming pile.

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