Hanson To Release Their Own Brand Of Beer

This did not come from The Onion. It is, I repeat, not a hoax. Hanson, those prepubescent blonde mop heads that sang the song MMMBop in the 90s, are apparently planning to release a beer of their very own called…wait for it…MMMHop.

According to the Toronto Star, Zac Hanson (don't ask us which one that
is) said during a speech at Oxford University Union that, “We of course
make records — they are fundamental to what we do, but we wanted to
create a brand so that our fans have a
greater experience … in fact, we are soon going to be selling our own

What they were doing making speeches at Oxford University, we have no idea; but what we do know is
that the web has blown up with the news of this beer. CNN's food blog had a field day, coming up with an imaginative list of other 90s hits turned into bad beer puns. Our favorite: Weiss Weiss Baby by Vanilla Ice.

As for the beer, isn't it enough that they're already responsible for those creme sodas? Oh wait. That's Hansen's.

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