Hannah Hooper of Grouplove Partners With Volcom For a Fashion Line

Though she's primarily known as one of the two singers in indie pop outfit Grouplove, there's more to Hannah Hooper than showcasing her pipes. Before she fell into music, she was deeply immersed in the art and design worlds of San Francisco and New York City. That's why when the opportunity presented itself for the singer to collaborate with Costa Mesa's Volcom, she couldn't resist.

The aptly titled Lady Grouplove–which is also her Twitter handle–includes denim jackets, crop tops, and leggings – offers an eclectic variety of easy-to-wear, casual attire that emulates her own unique style. It's out now and available at Volcom stores, Volcom.com, Tilly's locations, Tillys.com and retailers where Volcom is sold.

“I have a friend, Daniel, who works for Volcom and he's been outfitting our crew since the band started,” she explains. “He said the women's department at Volcom was feeling my style, so we went in for a meeting and one thing led to another and all of a sudden we had a line.”

Hooper designed the patterns and the six-piece line and the inspiration came from her art background. She was inspired by a Keith Haring exhibit she went to in San Francisco and channeled the black and whites and other color elements in his work into her line.


“I wanted to do a bold, fun and comfortable black and white clothing line,” the singer says.

As the chief artist in Grouplove, which includes designing the album cover and merch, the transition to clothing curator was a natural one. Once the band finished its extensive tour for 2013's sophomore effort Spreading Rumours, Hooper brought her tour suitcase that included items she had tailored or unearthed at flea markets into Volcom HQ, which gave everyone a blueprint of where the line would be headed.

For now, the line only includes six-pieces, however, Hooper won't rule out turning the line into something that is more than a one-off thing. The price range for the items she says “Isn't pretentious” and will give women the opportunity to their wild side.

“It's crazy when you're a creative person and you're given a gateway to continue to be creative and it worked effortlessly,” she says. “The Volcom demographic is similar to Grouplove's, and women's Volcom is a new thing, so it's cool to be part of helping form its identity. It's just a small line but everything has an authenticity to it that I like.”

Nearly eight months pregnant, Hooper jokes that maybe she'll be able to fit into the clothes by the next time the band hits the road. As for her day job, the band is currently in the midst of working on their third album in Los Angeles, which should be ready “soonish,” she says.

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