'Hanji: Contemporary Korean Paper Art' Exhibit Opening

Taking the old and making it new again is the lifeblood of fashion and art. But to make this recycling possible, the initial product must have strength. In “Hanji: Contemporary Korean Paper Art,” the exhibit opening at the Muckenthaler, ancient Korean paper is manipulated in unexpected ways to reflect the timelessness and power of this bark-made material in an entirely new light. Known for its durability, Hanji has been used since before Christ as not only an art/literature canvas, but also as wall covering and flooring in traditional Korean straw homes. Artists Young Hoon Kim, Dong Hyun Chung, Soon Ok Ahn, Jong Kook Lee, Theresa Hwang, and Yoonsook B. Ryang interpret this unique material in both traditional and contemporary ways in this inspiring exhibit.

Thu., Feb. 6, 6:30 p.m., 2014

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