Handsome G, 'Skin, Bones and Silicone'

The Hype:
Over the past year, Costa Mesa's alt-pop riff rockers Handsome G have become praiseworthy fixtures in OC's live music scene. Whether they were opening for Donavon Frankenreiter in Laguna Beach or carving out a niche in south county haunts like La Cave and Detroit Bar, the sunny songs of this local four-piece are well tested. Finally, the band is self-releasing their debut full length, Skin, Bones and Silicone, and making a splash at Detroit Bar this Thursday for their record release show.


The Judgement: ​Layering classic rock crunch with warm melodies and taut indie pop, the Skin, Bones and Silicone's title is an apt anatomical description of their sound, although they probably could've inserted the word “soul” in there somewhere.  “Outta Sight”–featuring an icy, marching band tempo, angular guitar and synth swells–is one of the better songs on the album. It's about escaping the rules of the world and shines with summery emotion. They're music stays mostly infectious and fun throughout, as lead vocalist/guitarist Andrew Corradini, guitarist Jay Akins, bassist Ali Zakka and drummer Danielle Robitshek bang away on tunes like “Come Get Some” and “Better Than Being Alone.” 
Although Handsome G's got plenty of catchy material throughout their 11-song album, charming acoustic-driven numbers such as “Skipping Stones” tend to get swallowed up in the track listing. Not because they're bad; it just feels like they should be on another album. Of course, the band has been in the studio back in forth working on this disc for so long that their ideas about musical direction were bound to change. But for the most part, Handsome G's music is a welcomed body of work that stays true to the band's long history of good humored rock & roll.

Download These: “Outta Sight,” “No Fun,” “Better Than Being Alone.” 

Grade: B+

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