Hamboards Roll into ABC's Shark Tank

You can't beat the free advertising Hamboards skateboards of Huntington Beach are getting tonight.

They'll get a national audience on the ABC's reality show Shark Tank, which has “tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons” taking investment pitches from budding entrepreneurs.


Budding entrepreneurs like Surf City's Peter Hamborg, who invented the long skateboards that are said to give riders the sensation of surfing on land. It actually started as a hobby, then became a company and then became a financial mess apparently.

DelawareOnline has a story about how Hamborg's cousin, a former DuPont Co. engineer and sporting goods company researcher named Don Sandusky, was called in to help un-tangle the skateboard company's finances.

Sandusky joined Hamborg in going before the Shark Tank venture capitalists, but they are reportedly forbidden under contract to say if they snagged an investor before the show airs. But the online report does indicate that after the taping ended, two of the businessmen bought $3,000 worth of Hamboards. (Dollars to doughnuts one was Mark Cuban.)

Shark Tank airs at 9 p.m.

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