Halo There

Did people pay this much attention to the Anaheim Angels-er, or the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-before they won their first World Series title in 2002? You know, back in the what's-a-guy-like-Nolan-Ryan-doing-with-these-losers era, or the wretched half-decade the team spent in those Disneyfied periwinkle-pinstriped uniforms? People did-but now it's just more so. Since their glorious '02 run, the Halos have been on a tear, missing the postseason just twice. Unlike penny-pinching she-beast Jackie Autry, current team owner Arte Moreno hasn't been afraid to spend cash to obtain big bats such as Vladimir Guerrero, Torii Hunter and Jose Guillen (okay, well, let's just forget about Guillen). And spoiled Angels fans pretty much expect their team to make the playoffs and back up their desires by selling out game after game. The 2008 season isn't looking great right now, as many players (including such horses as John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar) are on the DL. But there's plenty of bench depth, so who knows how this year will play out? Stranger stuff has happened-like the phrase “World Series Champion Anaheim Angels.”
Mon., April 7, 7:05 p.m., 2008

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