Halloween Shows! Spooky! Scary!

H-ween's almost here, dudes. If you're wondering where you and your Don Draper, Sarah Palin or Sexy Jailed Ted Stevens costume should show up to, here are some ideas on what to do this Friday. Or should I say what to BOO! Ahahaha. Right.


Hellephunk at Detroit Bar: Headlined by Arabian Prince, the Pete Best of N.W.A., this show also features traditional Halloween fun like face painting and a costume contest. Spooktacular!

Ghost Note at the Gypsy Lounge: Not as overt a Halloween night as some, but it's a band with the word “Ghost” in their name, and their music is pretty spooky, so what more do you want?

The Horrorpops at the House of Blues, Anaheim: The Horrorpops have been playing non-threatening, occasionally horror-inspired (songs include “Ghouls” and “Walk Like a Zombie”) psychobilly for over a decade, kind of like if Count Chocula and Boo Berry started a band, and Boo Berry was a Danish lady that played an upright bass. And they were married. Yeah. Hot.

Tiger Army at the Grove of Anaheim: More psychobilly, but without quite as much of the whole Boris Karloff-era scary movie thing going on. Closing out their five night stand at the Grove.

Hardcore Halloween at Chain Reaction: It doesn't take a special occasion for Chain Reaction to book a night of hardcore bands, but they did anyway: Ceremony, Blacklisted, Letdown and Creatures.

Halloween Show at Alex's Bar: Not the most original name, but maybe appropriate for a night of cover bands: FaSt DrAgOn (Hot Snakes), Tijuana Knife Fight (Motorhead) and Dammit Janet (Rocky Horror Picture Show). Touch-a touch-a touch me.

Skaraoke at The Prospector: Finally, people who can appreciate a great Halloween-related pun. Besides the skaraoke (which is scary karaoke, not ska karaoke…I think), there's also a costume contest. Sounds like a good night. I mean, a good FRIGHT.

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