Haldiram's Samosa

Name: Haldiram's Samosa

Origin: India

Found at: Radhika Sweets & Spices, Tustin


Why I Bought It:
There was no cute cartoon character. No mangling of English spelling or grammar. I bought this snack because I was hungry. Plain, freakin' hungry. Dinner was an hour away, and here, in front of me at Radhika Sweets and Spices was not chips, not candy, but the promise of an actual appetizer–a bonafide snack that could hold me over until I got real food. This looked like honest-to-goodness Indian samosas, out of a bag.

Tasting Notes:
It was not, after all, honest-to-goodness Indian samosas. My optimism and hunger got the better of me. Of course, it couldn't be real samosa. Freshly made samosas are filled with curried mashed potato, their skins akin to wonton. These are filled with a powdery mix of nuts and raisins packed with spices. And their crusts were crumbly, dry, greasy, not unlike Hostess Pies, but much denser.

Yes, about the only thing they share with a fresh samosa is the pyramid-shape. They are to samosas what Tato Skins are to baked potatoes. But I did like them. They did the job of stemming my hunger. Betty White would like them too.

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