At first glance, the sisters of Haim resemble a hard rock band with their long flowy hair and leather jackets, however ten seconds in their single “Forever” and you'd swear you were listening to a '90s R&B dance hit. Looks aside, this sister act still remains edgy on all their songs, but retains that danceable vibe that is undeniably catchy. Their debut album Days Are Gone serves up the '90s hip hop and R n' B fervor, infused with indie rock and '70s folk-rock influences like Fleetwood Mac. By now, they've secured their fan base that extends across the country and to fellow musicians like Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, but sisters Danielle, Alana and Este remain Valley girls at heart. Check Haim out tonight at Fox Theater Pomona and see how long you'll go without dancing.

Wed., April 16, 8 p.m., 2014

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