Haidl Trial Closing

Prosecutor Chuck Middleton:

The tape is the star witness. It doesn't lie. It's totally unbiased. . . . The defense has put the victim and her parents on trial. . . . They're trying to blame the victim. . . This case is not about the morals of these young men. Anyone can be a foul-mouthed jerk as long as you don't break the law. . . We're here because of what the defendants did. This case is about what they did, not who she is. . . . The defense tried to convince you to hate Jane Doe. . . . This case is about three defendants crossing the line with outrageous conduct. . . . She was like a 125 pound wet noodle [during the gang bang]. They had to have an idea she was not responsive. . . . The defense is going to argue a bold attack. They are going to argue the ridiculous. They have to attack the video. You'll be asked to ignore your own eyes and common sense. . . . The pool cue had Jane Doe's fecal matter on both ends! Do you see “free will” on that video? She was too intoxicated to exercise reasonable judgment. . . . A woman has an absolute right to control what happens to her body. She was prevented from resisting by intoxication. . . . She vomited. . . . This was a sexcapade for the defendants, not Jane Doe. . . . Anything goes when the mission is to have you hate Doe. On the tape, they'd like her just once to say anything. She doesn't. To moan. She doesn't. To open her eyes. She doesn't. They are disrespectful to her humanity! The defendants are snickering, giggling, dancing, making hand signs, twisting her nipples, moving her, using foreign objects and encouraging each other. . . . This is a product of devious, criminal male thinking. They took advantage of a severely intoxicated person. The defendants are guilty.

Haidl trial defense lawyer John Barnett:

Science—that's the reason they lost the case. They lost it! The People lost it! They said [the videotape] is their star witness. Well, did they prove by reasonable doubt that Jane Doe could not think and that the defendants should have known she couldn't think? They didn't prove either! . . . That her judgment was impaired is not enough. It's can she say “no”? . . . It's about her. It's about whether she could exercise reasonable judgment. . . . If there was a mistake, it was not criminal. . . . Should they have known [she was intoxicated]? That's ridiculous. The experts can't agree. We have a scientific controversy with honest disagreements between professionals. She was conscious and deliberately avoided a rendezvous with the truth. The truth is a luxury she is willing to live without. . . . She lied [about being unconscious during the gang bang] from the beginning. She can't tell the truth because she fears it will kill her dad. . . . She has a choice between her family and to condemn these boys. She chooses to maintain the lie. . . . The videotape is filthy and disgusting but it was her badge of acceptance. . . . We know she had the ability to say “no.” This is not rocket science. . . . This case is going down the drain! They know they've lost! Don't compromise. They're not guilty on all the charges.

Haidl defense lawyer Joseph G. Cavallo:

I just wonder how Jane Doe got to where she was, deceitful. . . . The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Like mother, like daughter. You can't blame these three boys for what she was, for what she is. . . . This all goes to the state of mind of these three boys. . . . Jane Doe is exactly what you know she is: a conniving, dishonest, lying, young lady. . . . We're not dealing with some idiot. She's keen. She's smart. . . . It was a sexcapade for Jane Doe. . . . She's hoping she can con you. She's a salesperson. . . . This is a slick, keen young lady—a professional liar! She said, “I'm a porn star!” Can you imagine what image goes through these boys' mind? . . . It wasn't a rape until the media got ahold of it. . . . She's a sex-starved young lady. . . . Intoxication is a complete defense [for the defendants]. . . . In their mind, this girl is a legend! . . . We're not supposed to talk about Jane Doe? What she is? We're supposed to erase that? It's ridiculous! . . . Everything she lives for is drinking and sex. . . . She has dishonest parents. . . . But we're evil if we talk about Jane Doe?! This girl is a train wreck and these boys are right in her path! She could act like a porn star with these three boys. . . . We know a “no” would have been enough for these boys. . . . These boys had a reasonable belief about who and what Jane Doe was. . . . Ladies and gentlemen, there are sick people out there. Unfortunately, the media got ahold of this, and there was a rush to judgment. It's the only reason why we are here. . . . Her rump is so big you couldn't tell [how far the defendants plunged the pool stick into her anus]. . . . She said she should get raped more often because you get gifts. . . . The gall of this girl. . . . These boys are not guilty. Do not let that tape fool you!

Next up on March 17: Haidl team defense lawyer Peter Morreale, and then prosecutor Chuck Middleton gets the last word before jury deliberations.


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