Haidl Gang Rapist’s Last Descpicable Act is Deservedly a Dud

The California Supreme Court today rejected an attempt by the infamous Haidl Gang Rapists to overturn the court order that requires them to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

It was an anti-climatic ruling given that Superior Court Judge Francisco Briseno, the man who sentenced the defendants after their 2006 convictions, has never been prone to shoddy moves and that three state appellate justices easily discarded the defendant’s complaints earlier this year.

Gregory Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann served half of their six-year prison sentences, got out and then appealed their convictions largely by re-blaming the victim in the case.

It was perhaps the final shameless act by three young men who in July 2002 got a 16-year-old girl drunk, stripped her and then–as she fell into an obvious stupor–recorded themselves in various sex acts in a Corona del Mar garage. They even laughed as they repeatedly plunged a Snapple bottle, apple juice can, lit cigarette and pool stick into the girl’s vagina and anus.

Newport Beach police detectives eventually obtained the recording and first thought the men had had sex with a corpse.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office came under tremendous pressure to treat the defendants gently because Haidl was at the time the son of a wealthy assistant sheriff. Prosecutors refused.

Earlier this year, Nachreiner–the hot head of the three–gave an exclusive interview to the OC Register. He said he has no regrets for his conduct because of his contempt of the girl. He even presented himself as the victim in the case.

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