Habit Premium Sparkling Beverage: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: Habit Premium Sparkling Beverage
Dispensary: 420 Central; 420 W. Central, Santa Ana, Ca
Price: $14 per bottle

The idea of drinking THC has always scared me. I recently tried a DNG Medicated Strawberry Lemonade and was so intimidated that I made the drink into a bunch of ice cubes to help wrap my head around the concept. But this last 4th of July I decided to be a little more daring and try Habit’s Premium Sparkling Beverage, the soda High Times voted best new drink of 2016. I mean, what better way to celebrate Amurica, right?

When I twisted the cap off the bottle, it was as if my soda had been shaken. It took about 5 minutes to open the bottle because of exploding carbonation. I poured the soda into a double shot glass and consumed three back to back. The fizzy strawberry flavor masked about 90 percent of the cannabis flavor, making it seem like a relatively normal and delicious fruit soda. The texture of the soda on the after-taste was a bit unique because it seemed less dry than your typical soda, champagne or any other carbonated beverage.

The bottle holds 12 oz of soda and 100 mg of THC. According to the label, the soda contains only 154 calories, doesn’t use any high fructose corn syrup and uses real fruit to make the drink. My only complaint is that the sparkling soda adds “natural flavors” to the drink. In other words, the company uses natural flavors made by flavorists in a laboratory who blend “natural” (or sometimes synthetic) chemicals to create flavorings. But if you drink soda on a regular basis, this probably wouldn’t be much of an issue for you. 

After taking three shots of the medicated soda, it took about 40 minutes to feel anything. My body felt light and I didn’t have a care in the world. Drinking THC feels entirely different than smoking it—or eating it, for that matter. The effects were far less spacey and offered a less in-your-head type of high than smoking the plant makes you feel. It took significantly less time to feel the soda than it would eating a normal edible, like a brownie, and it was a far less intense (and scary) high.

This was my first 4th of July in years that didn’t involve getting drunk. It was refreshing to wake up on July 5th without being painfully hungover. I was impressed by the unique high of the soda, as well as its taste. It would be a lot better, however,  without any added flavoring.

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