Habana To Open Second Restaurant in Irvine Spectrum

Habana, the twenty-year-old Cuban staple in Costa Mesa, is making strides to open restaurant number two inside the Land of Bren, where no Cuban eateries currently exist.

It's set to open this winter at the Irvine Spectrum in a huge space by itself next to Sports Authority.


And when it does, expect the same piscos, mojitos, and the signature red and white sangrias you've sipped at the Costa Mesa original. The bocaditos will also be there (pastry dough stuffed with seasoned ground beef, capers, olives, tomatoes, and raisins, topped a spicy jalapeƱo crema) as well as El Puerco Primo (a slow-roasted pork osso-bucco on mashed potatoes, bacon collards, and maduros).

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