Häagen-Dazs Serves Sushi Ice Cream…in Singapore

Move over Farrell's. Eat your heart out B&R ice cream cakes. I have seen the next ice cream fad and it is sushi ice cream, which looks more fun to eat than Dibs and a whole lot prettier, too.

The rice is made of macadamia ice cream; the nori belts are strips of chocolate; the salmon is mango and passion fruit ice cream.  The idea: GENIUS!


But before you get too excited, these pics are from a food blog in Singapore, taken by the blogger Keropok Man at a Häagen-Dazs outlet that featured them on special. Apparently it's being advertised heavily on TV there. But if any American Häagen-Dazs execs are reading this, perhaps its time to consider exporting the idea here?

Or maybe there's an entrepreneur out there trying to think of what to sell out of a food truck? Or how about just an ice cream shop that wants to boost their sales numbers, or even a restaurant pastry chef looking for inspiration? What I'm saying is that this is a great concept ready to be mined. So get to it! Before the next guy does and we tire of it like we've grown tired of frozen yogurt shops.

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