Gustavo's Mom-and-Aunt's Recipe for Asado de Boda Jerezano Named One of 2010's Top 10 Favorite Recipes by LA Times!

Back in March, I wrote an essay for the Los Angeles Times about the lack of Zacatecas-style restaurants in Southern California despite the presence of hundreds of thousands of us. Accompanying my essay was a recipe for asado de boda jerezano, an impossibly rich type of mole pertaining to my parents' hometown of Jerez that's traditionally prepared only for weddings.

The article was a hit, but the rancho being the rancho, people were  upset. Why didn't the Times print the names of my mami and her sister as the authors of the recipe? Ah, rancho gossip . . . but that has now changed, given the Times named my mom-and-aunt's asado recipe as one of their 10 favorites from 2010.

Where to get this amazing dish after the jump! Hint: one place is the image for this post . . .

At a Jerez wedding–DUH. But the only restaurant in Southern California that offers asado is Tacos Jerez in Huntington Beach. They make a great version of it, but it doesn't compare to the one made by my mom and tia. The trick is in the chocolate . . . but I digress. On behalf of my mom and aunt: Gracias, Los Angeles Times, for the honor. Now, if only your Orange County-based reporter didn't rip off so many of mine, Dave and Edwin's finds, we'd be even . . . but he does write well!

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