Gustavo's Latest 'Orange County Line' for KCRW: On the Anti-LGBT Tet Parade Controversy, With a 'Cam On!' Thrown In!

Over the weekend, the annual Tet Parade in Little Saigon happened as scheduled, and the LGBT folks who planned to peacefully protested, as scheduled. Not there was basically every politician in Orange County, with the exception of state Assemblyman Tom Daly (who at least stopped to acknowledge the LGBT folks), former state assemblyman and current Rancho Santiago Community College District trustee Jose Solorio (who did the first radical act of his life and actually joined the protesters–way to let out your inner Chicano!), members of the Westminster City Council–as well as homophobic Vietnamese politicians such as Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen.

That was the focus of my “Orange County Line” commentary yesterday for KCRW-FM 89.9.

I also managed to sneak in a “Cam on!” at the end of my commentary, just 'cause that's how we roll at KCRW. And if someone has to explain to you what that term means, then you're not a true Orange Countian–BURN! Enjoy!

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