Gustavo's Latest “Orange County Line” for KCRW: Can the OC Register Save Journalism?

The story yesterday in Southern California was the passing of television legend Huell Howser, and I briefly touched on the matter yesterday in my latest “Orange County Line” commentary for KCRW-FM 89.9. But since Huell was a Southern California institution instead of an Orange County one, I focused my babble on a subject I've talked a lot about as of recent: the Orange County Register's attempted renaissance under newish owner Aaron Kushner. I wrote a cover story last month on the subject and since then, Kushner has hired even more people and is now thinking about buying the Los Angeles Times–WHOA…

As I told KCRW's Steve Chiotakis, we at the Weekly actually wish Kushner's experiment well but remain skeptical as to his radical plan to embiggen the paper–it's the Register after all, the paper of troglodytes. Enjoy!

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