Gustavo's Latest KCRW “Orange County Line”: On OC's Great CCW Permit Gun Rush!

Believe it or not, this raging leftist is for gun rights–hey, how else are Mexicans supposed to take over Coto de Caza one day without the help of some Winchesters and Mossbergs? But I also know opportunism when I see it, so the recent rush by the OC Board of Supervisors to unanimously approve Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' request to spend over a million dollars to expedite concealed-carry weapons permits is cheap politics at best, a win-win-win for everyone involved that was probably the easiest vote cast in the supes' history. That was the subject of my KCRW-FM 89.9 “Orange County Line” commentary with host Steve Chiotakis.


Enjoy, and pass it on!

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