Gustavo's Latest KCRW “OC Line”: On the Passing of Henry T. Segerstrom

You cover Orange County long enough, you quickly realize that its lords–its Brens and Argyroses, its Lyonses and Nicholases–are almost all douches one way or another, caught up in slumlord this and cheating that. Leave it to Henry T. Segerstrom to buck that trend–as Clockwork Coker noted in his obit, the worst that we ever heard about the founder of South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center (later renamed the Segerstrom Center in his honor) was siccing his PR people on us every time we called South Coast Plaza a mall. YIKES!

Anyhoo, Segerstrom's passing last week was the subject of my KCRW “Orange County Line” commentary yesterday.


As usual, listen to the KCRW commentary on their page.

One thing I neglected to mention: although Segerstrom was a staunch Republican, he largely stayed away from the Know Nothings that continually plague Costa Mesa. His company donated money to opponents of former mayor Allan Mansoor when that pendejo was trying to drive the Mexicans out of Costa Mesa. Not sure if Segerstrom supported current Costa Mesa bogeyman Jim Righeimer, because we haven't paid attention to Costa Mesa politics since 2010…HA!

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