Gustavo's Latest KCRW “OC Line”: On the Little Saigon Voting Machine!

I'll have more thoughts on Andrew Do's presumptive victory over Lou Correa in the First Supervisorial District special election last week, specifically what it means to OC politics in general. But for this week's edition of my KCRW-FM 89.9's “Orange County Line,” I decided to focus on how Vietnamese voters vote in Orange County, specifically in Little Saigon: often, early, and in such numbers that it leads to the easy wins of shady politicians like Do and his mentor (and former boss), State Senator Janet Nguyen.

As I explained to host Steve Chiotakis, the Little Saigon machine is almost overwhelmingly Republican, but has led to the election of Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen. Bao also represents the future of Little Saigon politics as a 1.5-generation politician, part of a generation for whom communism is no longer the rallying cry it is for the elders. But that moment hasn't happened yet, so let's sit back and marvel at the Little Saigon machine–and laugh at the idiot local Democrats who have let this happen.


As usual, you'll have to hear it over at KCRW's website. Enjoy!

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