Gustavo to Give Mini-Lecture on History of Mexican Food in OC NEXT FRIDAY TOMORROW at the Samueli Theater!

As you've known for years, 2012 is the year that my much-promised Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America finally gets published. The debut lecture here in OC is April 12 at the Fullerton Public Library–but you can get a brief, brief preview next Friday TOMORROW at the Segerstrom Center for the Art's Samueli Theater, where I will participate in Chautauqua!

What the hell is a Chautauqua? Per the flackage, the stage production is “inspired
by the Chatauqua Circuit, a wildly popular travelling lecture series, that flourished from 1874 to the Great Depression, where scholars, scientists, magicians, jugglers, and dancers gathered in circus tents across the country to educate and entertain the common man.”

They invited me to speak a couple of months ago, and I asked if I could talk about the Ku Klux Klan; they said not so much. So if they want happy, I'll give them happy: about our native food, Mexican–the tamale men of SanTana, both of the late 19th-century and today; the El Toritos and Doritos (wait: you didn't know Doritos were invented in OC? You do now!), our battleship tacos, and all of our wonderful Mexi creations. It'll be a short lecture–I think just 10 minutes–but my part will be fun, and the rest of the show will be a hoot. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. NEXT FRIDAY–see you there!

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