Gunga Din, Bring Copy!

Sources we know who know sources at the Register say there's a rumor circulating around Grand Street, namely that the visionary wizards at Freedom Communications are about to embark on a new experiment: outsourcing weekend copy editing for the Register-owned San Clemente Sun-Post to the Indian subcontinent.

One source wondered whether using folks for whom English may be a second language–okay, okay: so English is a second language (after American) for us Yanks, too–is such a great idea.

“One weekend copy ed[iting] shift for the Register will be staffed by Mind Works Global Media — that's the Indian company — which on its website refers to 'staff' as a plural and hyphenates the word 'cooperative,'” the source noted. “This is an experiment that will spread through Freedom newspapers if successful, or if local public outcry doesn't abort it.

According to the company's website, it is “headquartered close to New Delhi in India, where knowledge [sic] workers and cutting-edge technology combine to deliver thoroughly dependable and high-quality services to organisations [sic] across the world.

Blogging customers of the Navel Gazings, please to be keeping your eyelids fixed on our websites for future updates of this matter of highmost importancy.

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