Guitar Geek Festival To Take Place This Weekend In Anaheim

While many of musicians, studio types, instrument and accessory vendors from across the globe descend upon Anaheim for NAMM, there's another music expo that's taking place as well. Deke Dickerson is presenting his 10th annual Guitar Geek Festival in Anaheim this weekend, which will be the last time that it is presented in conjunction with NAMM.
Though the festival is a passion project at this point (Dickerson told the LA Times that he's been losing money every year since it's inception, but he would be open to doing a smaller one in L.A. in the future), it's always served as one of the cooler offshoots from NAMM that showcases some of the best axemen and women of the past and present.

Like years past, this year's lineup features some interesting names like Los Straitjackets, Texas blues pioneer Barbara Lynn, the surviving members of the Bobby Fuller Four (you know the guys who originally wrote “I Fought The Law”), Conan O'Brien house band lead guitarist Jimmy Vivino, Bakersfield dual-neck guitarist Brian Lonbeck and a West Coast reunion of Man or Astro-man? This blending of different guitar styles (blues, R&B, etc) is what makes the event a favorite for guitar fans.

The event will take place at Anaheim Plaza Hotel on Friday and Saturday with tickets for the individual days costing $50 and a weekend pass $90.

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