Guess Where I Ate; Win a Father's Day Ruby's Diner – Sky Ranch Saloon Feast!

A Ruby's Diner rep emailed me wondering if I wanted to give away a feast for four for their newish concept in San Juan Capistrano: Sky Ranch Saloon. You know it! They're gonna have a big ol' Chuck Wagon Cookout that day, which should be fun. AND, as part of the package, the winner also gets four tickets to Mission San Juan Capistrano, because what kind of visit to San Juan is it without a trip to the Mission?

SO…let's do this thing. You know the drill: guess where I ate this, and you'll win the Sky Ranch Saloon cookout. I'm not even going to give any clues right now other than Edwin should be doing this one but didn't because it'd be way too obvious–uh-oh, did I just give it away?

And you know the rules: one guess per comment, and no Weeklings allowed. And for this particular giveaway, the prize applies to Father's Day only. Now, guess, damn you: GUESS!

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