Guess What Restaurants Will Be Open Today?

Ask anyone of the Jewish faith what they're doing for Christmas and they'll tell you, “Chinese food and a movie.” But Chinese restaurants are also the refuge of those who can't or don't want to cook on the 25th. It's common knowledge nowadays that they'll be open. Christmas Day is usually their busiest. 
Two of my faves in O.C. — China Garden in Irvine and King Lobster Palace in Orange — will, of course, be open for business. 
When I called China Garden to confirm their hours, the answer I got was “Same time as usual. 10 AM to midnight.” 
But what made me chuckle was the reaction I got when I rang up King Lobster Palace. The gentleman who answered the phone couldn't have been more shocked that I would even ask if they'll be open on Christmas. 
“Of course we're going to be open!” he said, almost offended. They'll be open 10 AM – 10 PM. 
In any case, chances are good that you can nosh on kung pao at ANY Chinese restaurants you try today, even if they won't serenade you with: 


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