Grizzly Glue Hybrid Strain at New Generation Dispensary: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: Grizzly Glue THC% N/A
Price: $35 1/8 $70 1/4
Dispensary: New Generation 3700 W. Segerstrom Ave., Suite A, Santa Ana CA 92704 (657) 900-8200

Grizzly Glue

New Generation has only been opened for about a month and is already becoming a favorite of the medical marijuana crowd. Besides the very friendly and knowledgeable staff, New Generation has THE Best prices in town. $10 a gram means $10 a gram! Nice. The variety is also one of the most competitive in all of the Measue MM compliant SanTana dispensaries.

I went in for a specific strain, but after talking or shall I say listening to Justin give me a very informative dissertation on what I was looking for versus what I would rather purchase I decided on the Grizzly Glue. It was a very tough decision, everything looked and smelled great, in fact a selling point is that you are able to touch and feel and smell the various strains all you want, when you make your final choice, someone in the back weighs it up from another batch of flower that hasn’t been handled. It’s then brought out and weighed again in front of you. The vial has your name, the strain and weight all printed out. BOOM! New Generation is taking customer service to another level! I love information, and the budtenders are very well versed in not only the strength of the strains but how they were grown, indoors or outdoors, where they were grown and so on and so forth.

While there’s not much information on Grizzly Glue, I can tell you that it is a combination of two elite strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and Hollister Kush. Gorilla Glue #4 can average between 25-28 percent THC, it will leave you in an euphoric state. Hollister Kush was bred specifically for US combat veterans because it helps with muscle tension, sleeplessness and depression. Cool!

I took my Grizzly Glue and a new pipe and headed over to the local movie house, about 15 minutes away, I took a few tokes before I started to drive and it was very smooth, I was surprised how smooth it was, I didn’t cough once. It was pretty skunky too! I nice citrusy flavor, piney, earthy, I could still taste it the next day. I could tell that this strain would be great for someone going through chemotherapy. I went through 18 rounds myself, so I know what it’s like to go through that rollercoaster of chemo treatment.

I would have loved to have this Grizzly Glue four years ago. It’s easy to smoke, tastes good, old school skunky, and gets you STONED, but not out of control stoned, happy AF stoned. Grizzly Glue at $35 an eighth is a great deal! Check out the flower at New Generation in SanTana, the next time I enjoy some Grizzly I think I’ll stay home with a cold beer and just chill, and maybe I’ll invite you . . .

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