Grits Fullerton’s Cody Storts On Recipe For Deception TONIGHT

We may be mildly obsessed with our Top Chef coverage, but we catch other shows as well. Like the one that comes on immediately after TC called Recipe for Deception. It pits two chefs against each other in a race to guess a secret ingredient and craft a dish the judges will approve of. Between the lying (chefs have to weed through true and false statements) and backpedaling to right a wrong (if they select the wrong ingredient), this sounds more like a bad relationship than competitive cooking.

In tonight’s episode, one of the contestants is none other than Grits Fullerton frontman, Cody Storts. From the preview clip, it appears as though his designated food is lentils. We don’t know where he finds the time to appear on television, given that dinner service is now Thursday through Sunday. Although we don’t mind, so long as Grits continues doing their tasty beer dinners. This month’s collaboration is with The Bruery on March 25, and so far no lentils have been spotted. 

Good luck, Cody. Kick some ass and represent!

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