Grisel Maria Ramirez Gets 13 Years for Posing as Nurse and Stealing Newborn from Hospital

Ah, remember the lady who posed as a nurse in 2012 and grabbed a newborn at Garden Grove Hospital Medical Center to get her estranged husband to stay with her–after having lied to him the previous nine months about being pregnant?

Tuesday, Grisel Maria Ramirez, 50, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and burglary and was given a 13-year prison sentence.


Grisel Maria Ramirez Held in Newborn-napping Try

The con included Ramirez showing an ultrasound image to her hubby that actually came from her own daughter.

Ramirez was also suspected of having approached an expectant mother at an Anaheim hospital a week before the Garden Grove babynapping and asking the stranger when she was due and what the sex of her baby was. This so freaked out the expectant mom that she called police and Orange County hospitals were warned about the encounter.

Wearing hospital scrubs and a visitor badge, Ramirez strolled into the Garden Grove hospital, put a day-old girl in a pinkish tote bag and tried to leave. The infant's bracelet set off alarms and hospital security swiftly swooped down on Ramirez, having been put on high alert by that advisory out of Anaheim.

A prosecutor told City News Service that Ramirez must serve at least 85 percent of her time behind bars. Hope daddy's still waiting for her when she gets out!

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