Grindcore Grandma Makes Her Official Debut

Last month, the Internet paired the words “grindcore” and “grandma” together and instantly, a star was born. Well, it was actually born the moment that Canadian band Corrupt Leaders turned the camera on the mother of vocalist RainForest to see if his ability to produce blood curdling screams was genetic. Turns out it was. What followed was a viral YouTube video of the Grindcore Grandma that got picked up by just about everyone, even this infernal rag.

Like any smart band would, Corrupt Leaders have chosen to ride Grindcore Grandma's geriatric coat tails and release their latest EP, aptly titled Grindmother, which is officially out today. And yes, they were sure to include on of her actual screams in the mix of their song “Black Cloud.” As they say, a family that grinds together…


Below, check out the band's official video of them recording their new song “Beaten Path,” also on the EP. In case you're wondering, no thats not just a short clip. In true grind fashion, the songs are between 30-45 seconds each! Grindmother marks a sharp evolution in song writing and delivery for the band, who seem to be gravitating from crust to grind (their usual blackened vocals ala Exteme Noise Terror, Iskra and Dystopia are still present) with the intensity level increasingly blurring the line between punk and metal.The band is currently writing material for their first full-length LP, to be released via Give Praise Records.

Now check out the song “Black Cloud” with the Grindcore Grandma scream in the beginning.

These guys may go one to do very big, very loud things some day. But of course, this gem will always be part of their history.

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