Gretchen Rossi Says She's Only on The Real Housewives for Money, Can't Break Bravo Pact

Gretchen Rossi, The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member who
joined the reality show in season four, says in an “exclusive” interview” with's Matt Carter that she wanted to leave the program after the death her of sugar daddy fiance but couldn't due to her contract with mean ol' Bravo.

She also says she hates the show's “drama” and “silly crap” and only stays to pursue “my entrepreneurial dreams and desires.”

Uh, didn't you say it was because you're under contract?

More crapola after the jump . . .

I had been asked to be involved in the entertainment business since I was a little girl.
TRANSLATION: Someone suggested she strip in his club.

Looking back I would of never done the show if I knew the outcome of [fiance] Jeff and my situation. That was way too difficult to go through on national TV.
TRANSLATION: But everyone now knows my name!

When Jeff and I agreed to do the show we thought he was going to go into remission any day, unfortunately cancer has a mind of its own and took a turn for the worse. I was now under contract and unfortunately could not just walk away from my responsibilities within my contract. Jeff encouraged me to stay on and make it work because he really wanted me to succeed and pursue my other dreams.
TRANSLATION: I'm riding this golden goose into the ground.

Unfortunately at this time, I am not at liberty to discuss season six yet, but I can assure you everyone will definitely want to tune in!
TRANSLATION: So they can find out what else I'm selling.

The show has been a great launching board for the “Gretchen Christine” brand I have been creating and thinking about for many years now!
TRANSLATION: Shameless plug No. 1.

I do have a lot going on right now with my new fashion line the “Gretchen Christine Collection” and my growing make-up line “Gretchen Christine Beaute”!
TRANSLATION: Woo-hoo! Three shameless plugs in one “exclusive” interview!

I had a clear goal in mind when I choose to accept doing this show. Contrary to most people's beliefs I didn't do it for the fame, I wanted to be able to make my dreams and desires turn into “reality” (no pun intended).
TRANSLATION: But the little bit of throw-up in your mouth was intended.

I look forward to a vacation though, time will allow that to happen when it is right, but for now I like going full speed ahead and this train is not stopping!
TRANSLATION: Show of hands who'd like to tie this tart to the tracks?

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