Greene Records

Top 10 selling records from Feb. 11 to Feb.17 at Greene Records, 12932 Newport Ave., Ste. 4, Tustin, (714) 505-6626; Greene Records specializes in punk, hardcore, indie, alternative and metal CDs and vinyl. Greene also carries T-shirts, stickers, patches and pins.

1) Bright Eyes, DigitalAshinaDigitalUrnand WideAwake,It'sMorning(Saddle Creek)

2) The Chariot, EverythingIsAlive,EverythingIsBreathing,NothingIsDeadandNothingIsBleeding(Tooth N Nail)

3) Elliott Smith, FromaBasementontheHill(Anti)

4) Converge, YouFailMe(Epitaph)

5) Straylight Run, s/t (Victory)

6) Blood Brothers, Crimes(V2)

7) Symphony in Peril, Whore'sTrophy(Facedown)

8) The Adicts, MadeinEngland(SOS)

9) Orchid, Totality(Clean Plate)

10) Plain White T's, AllThatWeNeeded(Fearless)

STAFF PICK: The Cursed, Two(Goodfellow): “Because it's a hardcore band worth a damn.” (AndyGreene)

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