Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Our Drink of the Week!

As of Thursday, May 15, Hi Time had five bottle of Green Spot single pot still Irish whiskey left in stock. It pains to write this review because I have half a mind to go right now and buy every single remaining bottle for myself, but some dude once said “Kill your darlings,” so here we go.

Green Spot is the best whiskey I've ever had. The fact that it's even available in the United States is amazing. Less than 1,200 bottles of Green Spot are produced a year and most of them are sold before traveling out of Ireland. Hi Time, the amazing store that it is, somehow managed a shipment just in time for St. Patrick's Day–I will note here that this was one of the first times the whiskey was ever available outside of Ireland–and then they scored a second shipment a few weeks after. Those five bottle I mentioned are the last survivors of the second shipment.


On the nose, it's pleasant and unintimidating, with hints of peppermint, citrus rind and toasted grains. At first taste, it's spicy and bright but with an oaky backbone that keeps it from washing away too quickly. It almost clings to the inside of your mouth, numbing and tingling your gums not unlike a Szechwan pepper. Some people say Green Spot is the best Irish you can get, that's it's the ultimately refinement of the style popularized by Red Breast. I'm not a regular whiskey drinker, so all I'm going to say is that it's amazing.

And how much are you going to pay for amazing? Well, in Ireland, a bottle of Green Spot sells for 40 GBP, roughly $70. If you want to get it shipped into the United States? You're looking at around 60 GBP — basically $100. At Hi Time? Just north of $40. God damn.

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