Green Card Greetings: Our Toke of the Week!


In the same way gifting someone flowers in a vase adds to the presentation, giving someone cannabis in something other than a typical nug jug, dispensary bag or Ziplock (if you’re really old school) is probably best. For one, most cannabis containers don’t mask the stank well. Secondly, it looks substantially classier when cannabis comes in an upgraded package.


To that end, Green Card Greetings, a company from Dana Point, crafted the perfect cannabis bag. A Green Card Greeting serves as both a card and an air tight sealed pouch. Each card/bag hybrid features a “grip-n-slide” child-proof zip lock; and they’re a food grade poly bag. They’ll not only keep the odor concealed, but they’ll also maintain the freshness of your product.


Green Card Greetings are perfect for your best friend or good-humored significant other—but maybe not your grandma. Some birthday cards boast phrases, like: “Remember that day you came head first out of your mom’s vagina? Let’s smoke this and forget that…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”; and anniversary cards that say “Happy Anniversary! Let’s get high;1, and bone; 2.” Green Card Greetings offers cards for the holidays, celebrating friendship and just about every other occasion.


So the next time you’re stumped on a gift, think green and give the gift of humor to your bud. 😉
Available at $4.99.


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