Graduating High School Senior: Little Saigon Salon Burned My Hair Off

No you didn’t

In anticipation of her 2012 high school graduation ceremony, Kellie Nguyen visited a Garden Grove salon with plans to style and color beautiful hair that reached her thigh.

But Nguyen says her trip to the Fancy Hair Salon was a horrific, man-made disaster that left her in pain at the emergency room and, sadly, without most of her hair.

That assertion is contained in an ongoing fraud, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence lawsuit the young woman filed in Orange County Superior Court against the Brookhurst Street salon in Little Saigon.

When she arrived at the salon, Nguyen says she told her stylist, called “John Doe” in the legal action, that she was “scared” of “harsh chemicals,” and the man then applied the product to her hair, left her unattended for three hours and found her squirming in agony, according to the lawsuit.

When Doe washed Nguyen’s hair “clumps” allegedly fell out and the burning pain intensified.

Her hair made “popping” sounds and she developed intense scalp itching as well as a migraine headache.

Shop employees told her the pain was “normal,” according to the lawsuit.

Her step-father later took her to an emergency room to treat “severe” burn injuries to her scalp and a doctor told she might as well shave off what hair remained on her head, the suit alleges.

Nguyen accuses the salon of fraudulently representing professional services because Doe, her stylist, had no license and is a friend of the shop’s owner.

Her lawyer noted that before the salon incident Nguyen had been “infamous [sic] among her friends and social network for her long hair.”

The Santa Ana-based lawyer for the salon clipped Nguyen’s assertions, calling them “a liturgy of vituperative hyperbole” made without any supporting evidence of malice or fraud.

This month, Judge John C. Gastelum ordered an April 8 hearing to consider a defense motion to kill the case before it reaches a jury.

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