Goths Triumph Over Nature At 7ven

The dark crowd heeded the call of the music they love at Doll Hut despite what many people deemed dreadful weather. Perhaps it is not as unlikely a scene as it sounds; after all, “dreadful” is the type of adjective that goths embrace with a smile. Early in the evening of the club’s first night of 2016, hoodied figures huddled into the small venue to seek the shelter of their native vibe.

Promoter/DJ Gn0m3 (Tyler Courville) and DJ Saint (Donovan Canales) confirmed that the purpose of 7ven is to provide a sanctuary for OC’s kindred spirits. Though all are welcome, the house DJ’s are proud to offer a kickback environment intended to foster the local goth community.  Ipso Facto’s Terri Kennedy was also in the mix at the event, vending her Fullerton goth boutique’s wares; she acknowledged that in recent years the goth scene has been experiencing some infiltration by hipsters and even Disney, which apparently co-opted the famous Joy Division Unknown Pleasures album cover by incorporating Mickey Mouse’s head into the iconic sound wave design. [Evidently, this resulted in backlash from the image’s copyright holders and the subsequent halt of the Disney shirt’s production.]

Gn0m3 and Saint, as well as DJs Gunblaid (Antoine Fiveash) and Morose (Dominique Davila), created a comfortable environment with their synthpop, goth, EBM, industrial, aggro, and dark 80s music for 7ven’s regulars and new faces. Most likely to the attendees’ satisfaction, no hipsters or fringe elements braved the rain to assert their presence among the earthy crowd, which took advantage of the scene by catching up with old friends, having a drink, celebrating a birthday, and, of course, dancing.

Some of the guests also made use of Doll Hut’s video arcade games or convened near the venue’s attractive artwork. Additionally, while one didn’t have to scream to be heard, the back patio provided a quieter area for folks wanting to chat and/or have a smoke while they stayed dry underneath the E-Z Up canopies. However, at least one patron took advantage of the patio’s proximity to the music so that she could dance in the rain.

While LA offers larger dance clubs, they can result in a watered down goth / industrial contingent. There is a quaint charm about 7ven that thrives as a result of its cozy environment — a charm that could not be sustained in a larger arena. As it is, the club fulfills its intended purpose: to provide a haven for people to relax and have a good time while celebrating the music that speaks to their jet-black souls.

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