Gordon Dillow Wartime Fashions

Word on the street is that The Orange County Register has selected flag-wavin', gun-lovin' columnist Gordon “Cletus” Dillow to serve as its Iraqi war correspondent. As one Weekly wag put it, “Ernie Pyle meets Gomer Pyle.” To show how proud we are of Gordo, we commissioned just for him a special field jacket and matching cap. Unfortunately, we had no idea how much it cost to create this one-of-a-kind item, so we brought in a corporate sponsor and let them plaster their logo over the special field jacket and matching cap.


Item No.: 1635

Our Price: $66.95

Unique and eye-catching, this special field jacket and matching cap express the individuality of the war correspondent who wears them! The bright orange color—viewable from miles away—tells everyone on the battlefield that this is the top-gun muckraker for Orange County, California, USA's leading daily newspaper! Meanwhile, the chic Target store logos on the vest breast pocket and back, as well as the front and back of the cap, lets any sharpshooter who gets them in his sights know the wearer is a slave to the Barcalounger market, sly advertising—and high fashion! A bonus inner pocket allows the stylemaker to stow the new .50-caliber Magnum without friend or foe knowing he's packing! Sensational red poly lining fill. Made in China by young boy slaves with whom Michael Jackson had his way!

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