Google's Late to the Party Again With Yelp Rival “Hotpot”

With the new Google Hotpot (often misspelled as Hotspot, which would actually make more sense), users review restaurants and other local businesses, and are given recommendations for more places to check out based on what they and their friends seem to like. It's clean, well-designed and very Google-esque.

The only problem?

No one is gonna use the thing. 

(Also, Hotpot is a lame name. Mmmm, is anyone else thinking of something Korean, red and spicy?)


Social media writers have called Hotpot a Yelp rival,
but in the same way that Google Buzz tried to challenge Facebook, the
service just seems a little like Nemo trying to take on Michael Phelps. I
typed in “Costa Mesa,” and after giving four stars to Memphis and writing that I liked their gumbo, I just felt bored, and kind of lonely.
Google should stick to that whole search engine thing–and controlling of every other segment of my internet life.

Have you tried Hotpot? What do you think?

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