Google Now Lets You Compare Ingredients Information

Google is cool. When I want to translate something, I can just paste it in a search box. Math? Who even needs a calculator when you have Chrome. And now, I'm super excited to let you guys know about another new search box feature.

Type in a basic food item like celery or shallots followed by “vs” and another food item. Google'll give you a comparison.Test it out. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Man, we really do live in the future.


It's still pretty limited. “Pepperoni vs cheese” works, but good luck trying to compare pizza to anything (trust me, I tried to compare pizza to everything). There is one major problem though.

Google thinks cilantro is this thing called “coriander.” Come on, G. Wi-fi busses or no wi-fi busses, I'm sure Mountain View has plenty of access to Mexican food. Get it right.

Anyways, happy Googling.

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