Good and Cheap Teaches You How To Eat Well for $4 a Day

Are you cheap? Not too well off? A college student and sick of ramen? Well, boy, do I have the cookbook for you.

Good and Cheap is a cookbook created by Leanna Brown as the thesis project for her graduate degree in food studies. In it, you'll learn how to make great meals on just $4 day — basically how much money you get for food if you're on the SNAP program.

The PDF is available on Brown's website for free, but if you're a dead tree kind of person, Brown's currently Kirkstarting a print edition.


For $20, you can get a real dead paper copy of the cookbook, but pay $25? You'll get a copy, and you'll also provide a copy of the book to a family who might not have regular access to the Internet.

It's a good project, easy to pull off, and already fully funded, so check it out!

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