Goldilocks Bakeshop Makes a Comeback In Cerritos

For 38 years, one of the biggest names in Filipino food around these parts has always been Goldilocks. Last year, all six of the Southern California locations severed its ties with the Goldilocks USA chain and became Leelin Bakery, including the one in Cerritos.

Now, it seems Goldilocks is making a comeback in Cerritos. A revived restaurant and bakery is now open at the Seafood City complex on Norwalk Blvd., competing directly with Leelin with a similar array of baked products and food.


Our friend and tipster, WeFlipBurgers, sent us pictures of the new Goldilocks restaurant, which included a disclaimer page on the menu that goes out of its way to proclaim that Leelin Bakery is “no way affiliated” with the Goldilocks group of companies.

Also, in its quest to reclaim the hearts and minds of Southern California's Pinoys, the brand already opened a West Covina bakery and restaurant late last year, not far from the West Covina Leelin.

More on this as it comes.

17218 Norwalk Blvd., Cerritos, CA 90703, (562) 865-3131

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