GoFundMe Page Set Up to Help Employees of Cassidy’s After Car Smashes into Beloved Bar

The Balboa Peninsula remains in mourning this morning after a driver—riding a Prius emblazoned with the logos for Hadley Tow and AAA, no less—slammed into the beloved Cassidy’s Bar and Grill Monday morning. There has been no official word from Newport Beach police about what caused the accident, but the damage was so significant that the dive bar will be closed for weeks—weeks!

While us drunks and folks who love one of the best bar burgers in America will have to take our business elsewhere, far more important is the livelihood of employees who now can’t work for the foreseeable future. To help, a GoFundMe page has been set up specifically to help them out during their time of need.

From the page:

Early morning Monday, July 18th, a driver smashed into the side of Cassidy’s Bar and Grill, destroying the entire north wall. The establishment is set to be closed for several weeks.

While insurance will cover most of the physical damages, in the meantime, the employees will not be able to rely on the income that pays their bills in the middle of summertime— the busiest time of year, and when much of their annual incomes are earned.

This funds raised by this will be given to Cassidys and earmarked for their employees, and any excess to help go to rebuild the structure. 

The initial goal was $1,000; over $2,000 was raised within a day. Awright, people: Start donating!

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