Gods Glue Hybrid Strain: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: Gods Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) 25% THC
Price: $60 1/8 $120 1/4
Dispensary: From the Earth 3023 S. Orange Ave Santa Ana CA 92707

Wake and Bake! I must confess I have never participated in a Wake and Bake session. I’m more of a After Work/Happy Hour Stoner, but I’m always open to new things so why not, Wake and Bake it is! I’m becoming a fan of the Glue strains, they are definitely Top Shelf, I mentioned this to the budtender at From the Earth and she recommended the Gods Glue aka Gorilla Glue #4. GG #4 is a powerful strain coming from a cross between Chocolate Diesel and Chem’s Sister, it’s good for relaxation and anxiety relief. It also has a very potent aroma, skunky AF, you can’t get away with trying to smoke this and no one noticing. I decided to go to my backyard this morning and admire the foliage while I burnt some tree. I had no plans this morning, no appointments, no work, nada! Perfect day to Wake and Bake! I filled up my pipe and went outside, it was a cool and overcast morning, birds singing their songs, zip a dee doo da! Whew! First toke got me coughing, maybe it’s the cold air, being outdoors and all, it’s very tasty, pine, earthy, I’m old school so I like the flavor profile. My backyard is big so I’m just walking around puffing away, I finish the bowl and I have a pretty decent buzz, It’s different toking in the morning, I’m usually drinking a beer with my MM,but it’s way too early for that. My next move is it have my morning coffee, which means I have to start thinking, but I’m high, so this is the challenge of a Wake and Bake. Yikes! Turning on the Keurig is no problem but I have to drive to the local panaderia to get my pan dulce, I keep my conversation to the minimum, I can barely talk, I feel great though, this strain is fun, not too intense. I get home make my coffee and enjoy the sweet fresh pastry. Now to make breakfast. Ha! I can do this in my sleep so being buzzed doesn’t present any problems, I’m also very relaxed at this point, any morning aches and pains are gone, and so is my breakfast! The next thing I know I’m sound asleep, a 3 hour Wake and Bake session has come to a successful end. I’ve been Glued!

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